The company

"With its trusted brands Frosch, Erdal and tana Professional, Werner & Mertz is well established on the European market as an innovative company. For over 140 years we have felt very committed to the Mainz location. We have always felt equally committed to the principles of an environmentally sound and sustainable business approach, because sustainability is not a fad for us, but a company tradition we practise every day. Loyalty to our location and an innovative spirit form the excellent basis of Werner & Mertz for the fresh impetus we repeatedly bring with our products and our initiatives.

We are proud of the tremendous loyalty of our employees, whose average length of service with the company is 16 years. Their identification with the company's commitment, our philosophy and our products is a reliable strength of Werner & Mertz.

In Hallein near Salzburg, Erdal GmbH was founded in 1953 as a second production site. Over the years the Austrian branch of Werner & Mertz grew to about 160 employees and increasingly took on sales responsibility for 15 countries.

Since 2011 Werner & Mertz products for consumers and professional users are not only available in Europe, but have also greatly increased their position on the market in Japan. There around half of all consumers recognise our Frosch brand – with the name written in German.

Strong brands, highly qualified and motivated employees and the consistently pursued sustainable orientation of the entire company – all secure the future of » Werner & Mertz on the way to becoming the European market and innovation leader for special care."

Cradle to Cradle®
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