Recyclate Initiative

Environmental protection does not stop with the formulas. Environmentally friendly products also need environmentally friendly packaging. For the brand it is self-evident that all Frosch product packaging is recyclable. But Frosch goes one step further. In line with the Recyclate Initiative Frosch is strongly advocating the recycling of used plastic materials. Today, Frosch plastic bottles already contain 100 percent old plastic.

To-date, this old plastic (PET recyclate) has been sourced from end-of-life PET bottles from the drinks industry. During the course of dedicated research work, Frosch has – together with its partners – now found a method of additionally recycling a very high proportion of old plastic from the German “yellow sack” recycling scheme. This is important because the greatest proportion of used plastic containers is still not appropriately recycled – it is largely used, among others, as an auxiliary fuel in municipal waste incineration plants. This means that crude oil, a valuable raw material, is wasted and the climate is burdened by unnecessary CO2 emissions. Frosch has now managed to harness the yellow sack waste as a valuable source of raw materials and utilise it for the manufacture of new Frosch detergent bottles.

Together with a network of partners, including the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Germany, NABU), Frosch has harnessed a new type of sorting technology which sorts the recyclate by colour and separates out any invisible contaminants, for instance entrapped foreign matter. Using this process, a high quality PET recyclate is obtained from the recyclable materials collected by the yellow sack scheme. This can be used for the manufacture of new Frosch bottles, ensuring appropriate and environmentally friendly recycling.

Further information the Frosch Recyclate Initiative can be found » here .

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