In 1986, the newly established Frosch brand dares – as a small, green eco-pioneer – to offer environmentally friendly products. The introduction of the brand is met with enthusiasm and a high degree of interest among the population. At the time, there is a very high level of awareness of environmental issues in Germany, particularly because the population witnesses several serious environmental incidents.

The environmentally friendly products enjoy a high level of acceptance. The brand’s products rely on traditional proven ingredients together with natural household remedies and Frosch harnesses these formulas to deliver “Feel good eco-quality since 1986”. Since its inception, Frosch consistently acts in accordance with the motto, “Kinder to people and the environment through highly effective alternative formulas”. In practice, this means that the tensides (surfactants) used are based on plant-derived raw materials that are readily biodegradable. Aggressive substances or potentially harmful ingredients such as phosphates and formaldehyde are rigorously excluded from the very beginning; instead, proven household remedies were – and are still – used. At the time, Frosch products were the first phosphate-free detergents on the market. Over time, Frosch continuously expands its expertise in ecological and environmentally-friendly cleaning. The concept of environmental sustainability is taken into account during the production of Frosch products (Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany) throughout the entire value-added chain. Frosch products are produced with a high degree of resource efficiency (raw material base for products, use of electricity and water). In view of this performance, the manufacturing company behind the green frog has been environmentally certified (EMAS III) since 2003. The good news here is that the longer the company retains the EMAS logo, the more valuable it becomes. Because for recertification, it must be demonstrated that an improvement in environmental and resource protection is achieved each year.

This environmental commitment pays off. Over time, Frosch has been able to gain increased consumer trust. In 2014 Frosch also received the consumer prize as Germany’s “most trusted brand” in the area of “cleaning agents” for the thirteenth consecutive year. Furthermore, Frosch was voted Germany’s “most sustainable brand” in 2009. The Frosch brand has practically democratised sustainability and Frosch products have secured a place for themselves in nearly all areas of household cleaning and care.

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