Eco-quality in 9 aspects

With its products The Frosch brand focuses on the concept of natural ingredients from European producers and harnesses well proven household remedies such as vinegar, lemon and soda.

“Feel good eco-quality since 1986”: The combination of natural, highly efficient cleaning power together with environmental and skin-friendly properties make Frosch an eco-pioneer when it comes to cleaning and care.

Frosch has continuously expanded its know-how in the development and manufacture of environmentally compatible cleaning and washing agents over the past 22 years, and has leveraged this to create sustainable products.

FROSCH eco-quality is characterised by the following 9 aspects:

  • Green power formula with naturally based ingredients to support care and cleaning characteristics.
  • With tensides that have a renewable vegetable origin – with a high degree of fast biodegradability.
  • The dermatologically tested formulas exhibit excellent skin-friendliness. The use of mild preservatives and carefully selected perfume components is minimised or completely dispensed with.
  • Free of phosphates, borates, formaldehyde, EDTA and halogenated organic compounds.
  • Reduced environmental impact due to the reduced utilisation of packaging materials and forward looking use of recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Vegan, no ingredients of animal origin.
  • Sustainable and energy-conscious production at manufacturing sites, whose environmental management systems are certified in accordance with EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), ISO 50001 and A.I.S.E. (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products).
  • Company water treatment plant for returning only purified production water to the wastewater cycle.
  • More than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of environmentally-friendly cleaning agents.

In addition, Werner & Mertz is characterised by the following activities to protect the environment:

  • Packaging is produced at the production site, which prevents additional transport and the related environmental pollution.
  • The sites have a sophisticated system for recycling production waste. Here, waste prevention is the key issue.
  • Werner & Mertz is constantly reducing its own energy consumption in the areas of production and management. In order to compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions, the company supports public institutions in terms of installing environmentally friendly energy systems, thereby ensuring CO2 neutrality. In cooperation with NABU (Germany's largest nature protection organisation) for instance, moors are being rewetted in order to bind a very large amount of CO2.
  • The Werner & Mertz Head Office is distinguished by its exemplary energy concept. Using wind power, a photovoltaic installation and geothermal energy, the building produces more energy than it consumes during everyday operations. The company received the highest international award for sustainable building, the LEED Platinum certificate, for its newly constructed premises.

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